Long-lasting experience

Avis d.o.o. has been in a successful business since 1992 in its own working space of 4000 m2.

Intermediate goods sale

We sell all intermediate goods necessary for manufacturing furniture (bonnell spring systems, furniture stuffing, various mechanisms, mattresses, etc)

Spring system production

We produce our spring systems in Bonnell systems from high quality patented carbon steel wire of 1.44 mm and 2.2 mm radius and in height of 9-14 cm.


Spring system furniture “AVIS” doo  Novi Pazar

Address: Dimitrija Tucovića bb, 36300 Novi Pazar

Unique number: 06123694

Tel: 020/360-100, 361-621, 332-492

Fax: 020/5100-341

Email: avisnp@live.com

Pib: 100 745 603

Bank account: 335-14054-91


Novi Pazar

Dojeviće bb

tel 020/361-621

fax 020/361-621


Radnicka 15

tel 030/249-56-26


Trg oslobodzenja bb

tel 019/428-396


Filipa Visnjica 1

tel 021/730-669